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"Our vision is to produce the world's most cost-effective holographic display for our customers"

Gregor Neisius
- Visionary

Gregor is the visionary of the team. He has been involved in various start-ups even before NE Holo was founded. He also had a keen interest in holography and innovative technologies from an early age.

He is your contact person for marketing, sales as well as all public relations issues.


Heiko Engel
- Tinkerer

Heiko is the tinkerer of the team. Before founding NE Holo, he was already the manager of a small handicraft business. In his spare time, he often devotes himself to craft and technical challenges, such as building his own guitar.

He is your contact person for production, logistics and all questions regarding construction and materials.

NE Holo GmbH develops, produces and distributes products that use optotechnology, holography and augmented reality to convey targeted (marketing) messages and product information to end customers in an eye-catching way.

For this purpose, we design and construct special individual displays for our customers to enable them to use holographic displays as eye-catchers in a marketing campaign at the point of sale.


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